Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I've debated posting this (what I'm about to post) for a couple weeks, not sure if it is worth my time, or yours, whoever-you-are-reading-this, but it feels only fair. So. I started bloglife at Dreamwidth almost 2 years ago (Eeep!) and came here b/c I wanted to comment on a specific journal, and it didn't like Open Id --all I can use from Dreamwidth--then, it seemed easier to post here. For a while.

I found I couldn't keep 2 blogs updated, and have returned to Dreamwidth, where I am Codrette.

I look forward to your visit!

And I think that's all I wanted to say. :- )

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

mug rug exchange

I signed up for the first 'mug rug' exchange at Sewhappygeek, and when I returned from Gait Clinic, this was waiting for me!
The parcel made it safely from Denmark, and inside those mysterious packages are...
The mug rug, some fabrics, a letter from H, my partner, and 3 sticks of Anthon Berg marzipan chocolate. Om nom nom nom!!

But look at the mug rug--H made pie, and recipe card fabric! Fun, no? :-)

She even hand quilted steam coming off the crust!
I can see that she put a lot of time and thought into making this for me, and I'm so happy to receive it! Thank you, H! Such bright and cheery colours!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

So it seems that me + crochet = not impossible after all!

These are 2 african flowers I made last eve. I made my very first one Thursday. You can read about it here, if you are interested.

I bought a smaller hook so I could try the perle 5 coton I have, and this is the result.
I do wish I had found Mia's  tute on how to deal with the ends as you go before I started these--it would have made every thing so much neater and easier.

It doesn't really show in the photo, but the blues are not the same. One is a strong purply blue, with variegated yellow (DMC 798 and Anchor 1304, if you're curious) and the other is more teal blue with copper (Anchor169 and 363)

But me, and crochet! Is still surprised, and all b/c of the wonderful folk who share their skills on their blogs. I forgot to credit where I found the instruction for the african flower (although I see there is some disagreement over how old the pattern is, and who should be credited as the originator) and it was By Elizabeth Cat. I have been reading her blog this morning, and so fascinating it is, and her photos are glorious! Thank you for sharing, Elizabeth! And thank you Mia also!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

African Flower and Babette cushions

This is my 50th post. I hoped expected to have quiltiness to share, but not quite. (Not quite by several long chalks!)

Blog and link hopping, I found the artist Loretta Grayson. Her art is glorious, and I can see I will be haunting her Etsy shop when it re-opens after her vac, but this has quite arrested me! The clear, bright colours, the colour harmonies, the clever use of color, the subtle changes--J'adore!! I feel I could learn so much about how to use color simply from studying her work.

Sadly for me, this is about as close as I will get to a crocheted something. To me, it is a Dark Art (as H would say, lol!) I can knit (a little bit) so long as the yarn contains no wool, but crochet? Nan! Manman (grannie) has attempted to teach me more than once, but it is as though I have a block. I feel bad for manman that I can not learn from her something she has enjoyed creating many years. I think, maybe this time, it'll make sense each time I ask her to show me. Always hopeful, that's me! And freshly inpsired to learn! Thank you, Ms Grayson!!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I have no idea what this tree is--pretty sure it's not a cherry--but I'm just so happy to see the blossom, like a cloud of pink!

We had a week of warm, sunny weather and this morning-- thick mist! Perhaps the tide will take it away again, or the sun will peep through and burn it away.
A good day to sew!  
À bi!

Monday, 28 March 2011

one thing, one week

When I signed up for Amy's One Thing, One Week challenge over on her blog, I thought all I lacked was some motivation to get my little piece bound off. And then the universe decided a few surprises were in order! Some fun, some not-so-fun, but I'm here. I did it!
This is the completed panel, bound off. Made from 2" squares in a colorwash of Spring sky blues, it is a gift for a friend; the only fellow quilter I meet up with offline.

Looks simple, no, to bind that off?

What held me back was that I wanted the binding to change where the colors did; from light to medium, medium to darkest, and so on, around the edge.
Took me a while to figure out, but I got there. Now for something else new; I start the mixed media surface work. :- ) Fun, no?

Many thanks to Amy for the motivation, and I hope your energies are rising again after your recent virus. :- )

Sunday, 27 March 2011

surprise stash

What an epic surprise!

Manman said it was a bundle of cheerfulness to lift the spirits.

Such fresh, clear colors! Makes me smile to look at them.

A selection of Kate Spain: 'Fandango' and 'Central Park'.

I have no excuse to delay completing my hexie quilt! (Hexies. J'Adore!)

I had to read the selvedge to know what these were--lol. 'Parisville' by Tula Pink. I have a couple charm packs of her 'Neptune' stashed away for just the right project.

I'm loving the deep red (pomegranate, this colorway is called) with the aqua blue--such an unusual combination, but it works.

The fabric on the far left, with the tall ships in? Ms Pink named it 'sea of tears'. Chapeau! Very clever word play. I'm wondering how best to showcase it... I don't want to cut into it until I'm sure. :- )

Manman knows red is my favourite, but look--mugs!!!

Guess where a little of that will be going! ;- ) (Mug rugs, I'm looking in your general direction.) A fitting destination for Kaufmann's 'Metro Cafe', no? :- ))

The twining floral is Deb Strain 'Fresh Flowers'. The plain is Kona 'Chinese red', and the yellow trees are from Momo's 'It's a Hoot'. (What shape will they fit into? Interesting!)

'Spring Street' from P&B.
A whole yard. With co-ordinates.

Since I saw this line in a magazine, I have been waiting, fingers crossed, that a UK quilt shop would have some, (and that I could afford it--the last of my 'treats' fund went on the Heather Bailey pattern, 'Fresh Picked pear'.)

I know exactly what I'm making with it. :-))

My grannie is the. Best!

And now I'm away to pull up weeds with her in the garden while there is a little sun.  À bi!

Saturday, 26 March 2011


My kind of vintage.

This is one of the pillowslips that went on to my bed last night. The crochet edging is epic, no?!

When I asked my manman where it came from, she told me she had made it, years ago, when she was first married.

The stitches are tiny!

I was so astonished! I have never seen manman with any kind of hand work, not even I was a small child.

Here is a closer image, with a standard blacklead for scale.

To add to the perfection, it was scented with locally grown lavender.

It seems I have more in common with my grannie than I was aware of. Now I wonder if she sewed in the early days of her marriage or -- say it softly -- maybe even quilted?

It is such fun to spend time with her. Have fun today, friends. It lifts the heart! À bi!

Friday, 25 March 2011

fresh picked pear

Completed in a couple hours on tuesday, this is my pin cushion pear. I have never owned a pin cushion before, and always wanted one, so when I found the Heather Bailey pattern while randomly browsing, it was one of those, 'IWOOT!!!'* moments!

The stitching took about five minutes, and stuffing and finishing took the best part of an hour! I shredded scraps of cotton batt to stuff with, didn't have enough, and debated what to do. A fellow housemate suggested some of the house bunny's sawdust. *blinks* A nice-smelling mix of pine and lavendar. Intriguing! Out came the stuffing... and a big handful of sawdust at the bottom made up the difference! We had some fun packing the stuffing to get a good shape. lol

It reminds me of the William pears my manman grew in her garden. I was quite small, I think, but I recall being lifted up, and how heavy they were, and the perfume of them.

*IWOOT = I Want One Of Those!