Friday, 25 March 2011

fresh picked pear

Completed in a couple hours on tuesday, this is my pin cushion pear. I have never owned a pin cushion before, and always wanted one, so when I found the Heather Bailey pattern while randomly browsing, it was one of those, 'IWOOT!!!'* moments!

The stitching took about five minutes, and stuffing and finishing took the best part of an hour! I shredded scraps of cotton batt to stuff with, didn't have enough, and debated what to do. A fellow housemate suggested some of the house bunny's sawdust. *blinks* A nice-smelling mix of pine and lavendar. Intriguing! Out came the stuffing... and a big handful of sawdust at the bottom made up the difference! We had some fun packing the stuffing to get a good shape. lol

It reminds me of the William pears my manman grew in her garden. I was quite small, I think, but I recall being lifted up, and how heavy they were, and the perfume of them.

*IWOOT = I Want One Of Those!

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