Tuesday, 5 April 2011

African Flower and Babette cushions

This is my 50th post. I hoped expected to have quiltiness to share, but not quite. (Not quite by several long chalks!)

Blog and link hopping, I found the artist Loretta Grayson. Her art is glorious, and I can see I will be haunting her Etsy shop when it re-opens after her vac, but this has quite arrested me! The clear, bright colours, the colour harmonies, the clever use of color, the subtle changes--J'adore!! I feel I could learn so much about how to use color simply from studying her work.

Sadly for me, this is about as close as I will get to a crocheted something. To me, it is a Dark Art (as H would say, lol!) I can knit (a little bit) so long as the yarn contains no wool, but crochet? Nan! Manman (grannie) has attempted to teach me more than once, but it is as though I have a block. I feel bad for manman that I can not learn from her something she has enjoyed creating many years. I think, maybe this time, it'll make sense each time I ask her to show me. Always hopeful, that's me! And freshly inpsired to learn! Thank you, Ms Grayson!!


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